The Panasonic UB-5835 is the latest in the line of easy to use copyboards. The low profile design gives it a contemporary look that will fit in with any office décor. With its larger 35 x 64 inch writing panels, the UB-5835 offers the ultimate in usability while still remaining a stylish addition to your conference room. With a standard on-board printer and optional mobile stand, this board offers complete note capturing convenience.

Since the board has two large writing panels, you can essentially take down two boards worth of notes before having to stop. When you do need to clear some space, or just save what you wrote, the on board black ink printer can print notes on plain copy paper right then and there. Connecting the board to a PC via a USB will allow you to save monochrome scans directly to that PC, or you can scan to a USB flash drive plugged directly into the board. The board is operated from a control panel on the printer. It has a very user friendly layout and within easy reach of the operator. When used with Panasonic’s Panaboard overlayer software, you are able to project an image onto the board while you write notes on it in ink. This allows for annotation over spreadsheets, charts, and reports without having to print multiple copies with each attendee taking notes on paper. You can then save your hand-written notes back to the computer and overlay them onto the projected image, giving you more versatility and allowing you to distribute the most information possible from your meetings.


  • Panaboard Overlayer Software Compatibility - Share and save meeting notes with a PC and projector
  • 2-in1 Print - Print fewer sheets to reduce costs
  • PC Interface - Converting the proceedings to data
  • Quick Image Navigator - Easy organization and editing of proceedings in data format
  • Thermal Paper Output - Helping to reduce costs
  • Energy-Saving Design - Reduces power consumption
  • Endless Screen - One board with the writing space of two
  • Multi Copies - Distributing prints on the spot
  • Data Storage - Data storage in a USB flash memory
  • High-Quality Paper (Plain paper)- Paper size and quality ideal for storage
  • Easy Installation - Adjustable positioning suits both users and locations
  • Slim Depth - Designed to blend nicely with any office interior, and the slim board, which is approximately 70 mm thick, allows for easy wall mounting.