The KX-TDE600's modular design lets you expand the system as your business evolves. It provides a maximum of 640 trunks or up to 960 extensions with the use of the 3 expansion shelves with its free slot architecture, you can easily insert expansion cards and access new features as well as expands your capabilities. It supports SIP phones, softphones and many hybrid technologies as well. It also offers easy migration from TDA to TDE or hybrid to pure IP technology.

Up to 43-slots (4 cabinets), 960 extensions
Up to 128 IP Phone extensions

  • Benefits of VOIP (Voice Over IP)
    • Cost Effective - this system leverages on the VOIP (Voice Over IP) H.323 technology to cost effectively handle intra-office communications.
    • Feature Transparency - Multiple PBX's can be connected with an IP network and utilized as if it were a single PBX.
  • Flexible Expansion - It is possible to flexibly increase capacity by adding additional Main Units or connecting of the KX-TDE Series through an IP network, such as when the office population increases or a new brach is opened.
  • ISDN QSIG Digital Networking - Compliant with the ISDN (BRI-PRI) QSIG protocol.
  • SIP Trunking for ITSP - Affordable SIP Services provisioned by SIP based Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) can be used through the SIP trunk interface.
  • Mobile/GSM INtegration for ONe Number Solution - DID (Direct Inward Dialing) can be utilized to link extensions with mobiles.
  • Customers can easily contact you using a single number, whether you are inside or outside of the office.
  • Multi-Cell DECT Wireless for Office Mobility Solution- The Panasonic office mobility solution lets you carry on your conversation over lightwieght, wireless DECT terminals while you are away from your desk or moving around the office.
    • IP Cell Station - Can be connected directly to the LAN network. It is possible to extend the wireless communication zone by connectiong IP CEll station to the LAN.
    • DECT Paging - Conference calls can be conducted with a maximum of 32 people (32 DECT handsets), enabling work instructions to be sent to multiple people at once.
  • Communication Assistant- A highly intuitive PC based application suite that blends powerful point and click telephony together with screen based presence, availability and variety of collaboration tools to simplify and enhance real-time communications for business telephony users.
    • Point and Click Unified Communications - You can easily make calls using a customizable contact list that is displayed on your PC, and search for a desired contact simply and quickly.
    • IP Softphone - Software that enables the IP Proprietary functions to be used on a laptop computer.
    • Voice Mail Assistant(VMA) - companies using the optional advanced KX-TVM Voice Messaging solution can allow Communication Assistant users to visually manage their voice mails with Voice Mail Assistant.
    • Teleconferences with Easy and Simple Operations - Member that join a teleconference can be registered in a group using a PC drag-and-drop opeartion, so that teleconference can be easily started.
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