An IP Platform to Deliver Business Communication Solutions

Basic License Preinstalled

  • Pre-Installed Activation Keys
    • IP Phone capacity for up to 30 IP Phones
    • IP Proprietary telephone License- 8 users
    • Communication Assistant Basic Express- 1022 users
    • 2-channel and 2-hour voice storage for the Unified Massaging Feature
  • Unified Message Feature
    • Automatic Two-way Recording for manager- 1 user
    • Two-way Recording/Transfer- 30 users
    • Message Back-up
  • Mobile Extension Feature- 30 users

IP Networking Flexibily

  • One-look Networking
    • A system where a single KX-NS1000 works and provides PBX features even though two or more main units are networked.
  • QSIG Support
    • When KX-NS1000 connects to existing PBX's via an ISDN private network or VOIP network (H.323), It is possible to flexibly increase capacity and  to provide QSIG Features.

Unified Communication

  • Voice Mail
  • Fax Server
  • E-mail Integration
  • Simple Call Centre
    • Uniform Call Distribution
    • Priority Routing for VIP Calls
    • Call Queue Monitoring
    • Listen-in by Supervisor
    • Call Monitor
    • Intercept Routing/Busy on Busy
    • Busy Override
  • Cellular Phone Integration
  • Multi-Cell DECT Wireless System